Houdini Clips - 6 pack
Houdini Clips - 6 pack

Houdini Clips - 6 pack

  • $9.00

Houdini Clips work well on both disposable & modern cloth nappies when it comes to preventing children from pulling at the tabs & removing them.

No more messy ‘surprises’.

They simply slip on over the existing tab

They also hold blankets securely to the car window glass, meaning you can leave the window down slightly to allow the air to circulate.

They are great for holding blanket shades on strollers. And if you are out and only have a piece of cloth for a bib, no stress, use the Houdini Clips to secure it to your childs t-shirt neck.

Your duvet inner will never slip down your duvet cover again and you will even be able to close the cereal packet to stop it going stale or spilling everywhere

Use them as they are, or you can add buckles & double backed tape to make them the most versatile clip around.

You can’t go wrong with Houdini Clips. These revolutionary new clips can secure many items to many things, and are an essential nappy bag item



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